Saturday, 2 March 2013

Accidentally fallen chicken

I remember a holiday when I was much younger where we went to Austria (although the picture below was taken in France, it was around the same time. I am the youngest in the front). If I think carefully, really the only thing I can remember from that trip is the Wiener Schnitzels we ate. They were so delicious. Becoming older I realise it is a dish which is popular in many countries. In Japan it is called Tonkatsu, when we moved to Italy it is a typical regional dish of Milan called Cotoletta alla Milanese. Having children of my own, it is not surprising it is one of their favorite dishes. Of course it has been made popular in a slightly less healthy chicken nuggets. Less healthy because of the processed meat. I like to make my own version with chicken. Especially my daughter likes this dish a lot. This was before we had moved to Italy, so if asked for a name I would call it Wiener Schnitzel, but with chicken. One day, my daughter was 7 at the time. She first asked me what went in the dish. Then she asked me how somebody had invented this dish. I thought I didn't have a clue, and as I wondered that it is the same question I ask about a lot of dishes, especially cakes. How come somebody thought it would be tasty to beat eggs for 10 minutes add some flower, melted butter and sugar, bake it for a certain amount of time and it would become a delicious cake. Anyway as I contemplated these things, my daughter came with her own answer.

I think once there was a blind man. He wanted to cook some chicken, but he accidentally knocked some flour over it. Followed by some egg (I hadn't told her it needs to be beaten first) and then some breadcrumbs. He then just cooked this like that and it was so delicious.


So ever since whenever the kids ask me what's for dinner. If we are having this dish, I say Accidentally fallen chicken. Although of course technically according to my daughter's story it wasn't the chicken that accidentally fell.

Accidentally fallen chicken
So the recipe:
Chicken 5 chicken breasts
1 cup flour
3 large or 4 medium eggs, beaten
Breadcrumbs 1,5 cup

Slice chicken breast in halves. Flatten the chicken breasts with a "spiked kitchen hammer" If you don't have one of these, a kitchen roller will do. The reason to flatten is, is that it tenderizes the chicken and because it is flat, it will cook easier and more evenly. Coat it with flour. Put it through the beaten egg. Make sure it coats all over. Then put it through the breadcrumbs. Preheat the pan. Make sure it's hot then put the chicken in and put it on a medium fire, so the chicken cooks through thoroughly. Cook till cooked through and it has a nice brown coating.

Enjoy, will feed 5

I quite like it with rice of potatoes and beans



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